WB01518_.gif (392 bytes) It is important to remember that you will be ordering a hand crafted custom sign. This sign will represent your company to the general public and will become your most cost effective advertising tool. We have designed this tutorial to help you decide which is the most suitable sign for your needs.
SY00933A.gif (1883 bytes)pre-design
1. Budget What do you want to spend? There are so many factors that determine the final price of a sign that a budget is essential. Many times the sign will be your only form of advertising but it is important to look at total advertising budget. Knowing a budget before the design of the sign saves time.

With a custom sign you can usually get something to fit any budget.

2. Site What is your goal? Identification only or conveying a special message. Street traffic or pedestrian traffic? Viewed 24 hours a day or from a long distance. Is it a historic building? Are you allowed to put holes in the building to install a sign? We can survey your site and let you know your options.
3. Village Ordinance What will the village code allow? Do you need a permit to install the sign? We know the codes for all the villages in the area and can help you obtain a permit or do it on your behalf.
4. Time Frame When do you realistically need the sign? We can make any deadline or give solutions to your deadline problem.
SY00934A.gif (1236 bytes)design
5. Copy What do you need the sign to say? What is the least amount of copy to get your message across. Less is usually better depending on your target audience.

Here's some popular color combinations and a chart for letter readability.

6. Logo Do you use a logo on your signs? Does your logo read well from a distance? Do you have different formats of your logo for both rectangular and square signs? We can design a logo to fit your needs.
7. Style Color preferences or fonts. Old fashioned looking or modern? Digital picture of the building or clipart image? Check out our galleries to see some ideas.
SY00958A.gif (1185 bytes)post design
8. Material How long will the sign be up? Do you want the sign on steel stakes or wood posts? Should the wood posts be decorative cut? The materials used are as important as the design of the sign.
9. Installation To go on the building or on posts. Do we need to check for underground utilities? Does your placement interfere with traffic or other building workers? Do we need access to the roof of the building or to a fenced in property? Is there an electric feed if applicable? If you are unsure simply have us survey the site and we can determine any potential problems. If timeframe is important we can meet you on-site for the best possible placement.